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azn gal
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Anyone else heard of da new accomodation for all university students dats openin in sept? ive put nott trent 4 my firm choice n ave applied to dis new accom which looks rly nice.
Its in da main city on chaucer street n includes shared en suite accom aswell as studios which r a bit pricey £95 per week.
ive applied 2 da en suite shared 1 n it costs £73 per wk which ent too bad. i fink da floors wil b seperated so first years r on diff floors 2 da 2nd or 3rd yr students.
lemme kno if uve applied 2 it aswell.....
btw i want 2 do accountin n finance at nott trent?
ne1 doin dat? wots da course like? hard??
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