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    How much will i need to write to get a C in my english Literature?
    How well do i need to write to get a C?
    Im doing AIC &OMAN for AQA English Literature.
    I struggle in english and i really want a C so yh how much and how well do i need to write and know the novella and the play?

    I'm sitting the exam tomorrow too, and it's my favourite exam! I'm in a A* class who have been taught to produce A-Level standard answers since year 10 - hope I will be able to help

    We're taught to do a PEAL structure, meaning that if you pick a relevant Point, Quotation and Explain how the quote supports your point you should get a C. Also, for this exam linking to the writer's ideas and the context of which OMAM and AIC is written in will gain you marks - especially for the section B of OMAM, as this is specifically what the examiner is after.

    As well as this, once you have made a point and selected a well chosen quotation, it is good to do some specific word analyses within that quotation - this is probably a skill which is higher than that expected of a C grade candidate, but it is much easier to do than you think! For example, a question on AIC asking about Gerald:

    "Gerald is presented as a selfish, lustful character shown through his treatment of Eva Smith, and therefore his treatment of Sheila. Sheila says to Gerald, "You were the wonderful fairy prince. You must have enjoyed it, Gerald." This shows that Gerald enjoyed keeping Eva as his mistress, as he pursued an affair with her despite his engagement to Sheila. Specifically, Sheila describing Gerald as "the fairy price" connotes a idea of Gerald being a fairytale like figure to Eva, as he 'saved' her from men at the Palace Bar, such as Joe Meggarty. However, it may be seen as ironic that Sheila calls Gerald this 'fairy price' figure, as fairytales are not real and neither was Gerald's relationship with Eva. Gerald selfishly took advantage of Eva, for his own pleasure and although he provided her with money and temporary accommodation, he also benefitted from the arrangement. This links to Priestley's ideas of socialism throughout the play, as he uses the presentation of Gerald, as the highest class in the play, as taking advantage of, and maybe even abusing Eva Smith - who belonged to the working class. This presents Priestley's ideas of social responsibility, as Gerald is presented as selfish and is therefore disliked intensely by the audience as the play goes on. This allows Priestley to allow us to grasp that the upper class, capitalist ways of Gerald and the elder Birlings are wrong and need to change to avoid the suffering which the Inspector foreshadows throughout the play."

    This paragraph would definitely get you a C, to improve it would need to use specific linguistic terminology.

    As some top tips, I would advise you do some spider diagrams for each characters across both the texts, and plan some answers to the questions. As for structure, I would aim to write 3 PEAEALS or 4 PEALS for AIC and 3 PEALS for section A of OMAM and the same for Section B. Remember to explicitly link to context in Section B.

    Just remember the examiner wants to give you marks and if you try your best you will definitely do well!

    Good luck tomorrow and hope this helped!

    These are predictions of themes/characters that the majority believe may be tested this year - take them seriously but revise other areas of your play/novel
    You may notice some are more detailed than others. The predictions below are what has been said on this thread for the past month or so, the more popular texts have more responses.

    Of Mice and Men: shooting of Candy's dog (Carlson), Curley, American dream, Masculinity
    An Inspector calls: The Inspector, Sheila/Eric, Gerald, Young and Old
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