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What are the different approaches to this title?

The importance of nucleotides, molecules that are derived from them and nucleic acids in keeping organisms alive
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So for a successful essay, the planning phase is the most imperative part of the entire writing process. Instantly we can tell this essay is about nucleotides. This is the central theme of the essay and the keyword you need to ingrain into your mind to avoid going off on a tangent. The title further helps you by stating "molecules derived from them". The most important molecule is DNA, which is derived from nucleotides.

So you need about 5/6 points from various parts of the course. Draw a mind map or whatever you use to start planning your ideas. A branch could be the molecular structure of a nucleotide and how that varies between DNA and RNA. Another branch could be the DNA molecule and how the complementary base pairing of these nucleotides work, think antiparallel and 5'-3'. Maybe that could then branch into mRNA, tRNA. You could also use genetic diseases as a talking pint due to the substitution of those nitrogenous base nucleotides and frame shift that occurs. The possibilities are endless.

Make a few points, choose the strongest one you know about and let 2 years of knowledge flow through your fingertips. Good luck and go smash that essay

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