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As far as I'm concerned, GCSEs don't mean very much and are just a test of memories, despite this, I still have to take them. And so, welcome to A Year 9's Journey To Arbitary Numbers!!! :party2:
*Fireworks blind the reader with a dazzling glow*

So Far
-Made 7 science revision booklets
-Made flashcards for Physics Unit 1
-Downloaded 18 revision apps
-Made 1 revision booklet for history
-Typed up Crime & Punishment lessons so far
-Have a shelf full of revision books
-Used Anki to try learning equations for Physics Units 1 & 2
-Did 2 Maths practice papers
-Typed & printed specification for science & history

My Aims
Business Studies: 9
English Literature: 8
English Language: 8
Maths: 8
RE: 8
Chemistry: 8
Biology: 8
Physics: 7/8
History: 7
Spanish: 7
Drama: 6

Upcoming Tests
End of Year Science: 2x May 10th & 1x May 11th
End of Year Maths: June

Current Sets
Science: Set 1
Maths: Set 1
English: TBC

NOTE: I have already started the syllabus

P.S. It's my birthday :birthday:

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