Career progression post-NQT year within international education

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I hope someone can offer me some words of wisdom…

I will be starting my PGCE in primary education in a couple of weeks. Since graduating from university with a Geography degree I have worked for an education charity and spent time volunteering and working with NGOs overseas. It has always been my goal to return to academia to study and work within the field of international development. However, from my experiences working and volunteering within the charity sector I feel a strong desire to gain a professional qualification in teaching.

I am looking forward to starting the PGCE, but as the start date looms I am beginning to feel anxious about my decision to take the course. I am worried that perhaps I should have gone straight for an MA in education with international development as I fear the stresses and pressure that come with being a teacher may leave me de-motivated, time-starved and off-track from my long-term goals.

I would like to spend at least two years in the classroom (post NQT year) to develop as a teacher. I love working with children and hope I have what it takes to be a good teacher. I am looking forward to learning how to be an effective teacher and really love the idea of working with one class of children, playing a key role in their development and being part of a school community. However, my long-term aim is to pursue a career outside of the classroom and return, eventually, to academia with a focus on education and international development. I was hoping someone may be able to offer me some advice about how best to keep this aspiration within reach amidst the stresses that come with the daily life of a teacher.

I am interested to know if anyone has taken their MA credits gained from their PGCE and applied them to a general Masters, as opposed to a Masters in Education. I have been looking at courses at UK universities, such as an MA in Education and International Development ,and wonder if it is possible to apply my PGCE credits to such a course. Does anyone know if this is possible/has anyone followed a similar route?

I would also really appreciate any honest advice on how feasible my goal sounds. I wonder how easy it is to branch out from working as a school teacher to other areas of education, particularly within the early stages of my teaching career. I guess what I would like to know is: am I being over-ambitious in aiming towards a career in international education/development after a couple of years teaching? Anyone who has shared similar aspirations or career paths, I would like to know if you think I may be better off just skipping the PGCE and going straight into an MA?


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