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I need help with flipped learning for a level biology watch

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    For a level biology, our school uses flipped learning. This means that the students learn the content at home, then do sheets on it in class. Although this may sound good, our lessons just consist of us doing sheet after sheet, without really getting taught.

    I sometimes struggle to answer many of the questions on the sheets in class (and at home - any unfinished classwork in hw, and they give separate hw as well). This doesn't just happen to me, but also to many other people in my class. As such we just end up asking the teacher to explain how to do the questions we're stuck on. So the teacher ends up telling us the answers to half the sheet because we just can't do it.

    I'm in y13 now and we've been taught by this system for a year (since y12). As such, some gaps have been opened up in my ability to do biology, which contributes to why I can't solve many of the Qs in class. In some circumstances I can solve the Qs, but I get little to no marks because I don't use the correct terminology. This is because they use sheets from other specs/exam boards, because ours is a new spec, so there are very few resources. But also, whenever I make a mistake on terminology, the problem is something different each time, so I can't memorise the answers to the Qs. I have to develop to skill of using the correct terminology.

    The types of questions we get stuck on are not content questions, but rather questions that require you to apply your knowledge and use problem solving skills. I'll post a examples of these (I have plenty of examples).

    Just to clarify, there's no way they're gonna stop doing flipped learning.

    Anyone doing flipped learning (similar to PBL), whether you are studying a levels, have already finished your a levels, or are at uni or anything else etc, could you please give your tips on how to do well in a level biology even with this system. E.g. what can I do in terms of how I study/learn? etc
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    (Original post by ukstudent19)
    You should of course ask for help if you're struggling but ultimately if that's the system then you'll just have to prepare adequately.

    Despite it being the new spec, science is science and many old spec resources should be usable. Practice application at home as well.
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Updated: October 16, 2017

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