7 paragraphs for a 12 mark question?!

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Okay, so my RE teacher insists on having us do 7 paragraphs for our 12 mark questions, more specfically: 3 paragraphs agreeing/disagreeing with the statement, 3 paragraphs on the opposing view and 1 paragraph for a conclusion.

The last test we had, we only got 45 minutes to do it, and we got 5 questions (three 4 markers, one 5 marker and then the 12 marker). We’re supposed to spend only 15 minutes on the 12 marker, and the other half hour on the 4 markers and the 5 marker. That means we have about 2 minutes to complete each paragraph for our 12 mark question.

Of course, even though I tried to manage my time effectively, and spent only 25 minutes on my other questions so I’d have 20 minutes for the 12 marker, I didn’t manage to complete it in time. I’d always found the whole “7 paragraphs” thing ludicrous seeing as since year 7 we’ve been told it’s only 4 paragraphs (I’m in Year 9 now) and yet I dismissed it simply because I didn’t think it would affect my test-taking streak.

Obviously, I was mistaken. Not finishing my test was the last straw for me, and as soon as the test was over, I went to people from other classes asking what their teacher had informed them the structure of the 12 marker was. They all said “4 paragraphs”.

So the next RE lesson, when we were doing green pen on our tests (and of course I was one mark away from my target grade, thanks to my 12 marker), I asked my teacher: Do we absolutely have to do 3 paragraphs for each view for the 12 marker? Would doing, for example, only two make us drop marks?

“Well it depends on the content of the paragraphs, but mostly, yes.” She had answered.

Slightly shocked and sceptical, I asked, “Well then, is it possible to get full marks even not doing 3 for each?”

Her answer remained the same.

Also, for reference, she’s partly retired now, so she literally only comes into school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and teaches all her lessons on those days. We’re also her only year 9 class, and we’re the Set 1 RE class, so we don’t really get a chance to have a teacher other than her.

I’m just a bit worried about the next test, seeing as my grade has dropped drastically since the last test, but she’s so stubborn whenever anyone “nitpicks” at her teaching (goes on for a good five minutes saying things like “Uh, excuse me? In all my years of teaching... never been told by a student how to teach my own class!” and giving us deathly glares.) so I know she won’t listen to me.

Is there any way I can pull off doing the regular 4 mark structure for my next test and still get full marks?
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7 paragraphs for a 12 marker is ridiculous.
At most, you should do two paragraphs for, two against, and your own opinion.
The two for and two against should each have one religious quote/teaching/key word.

You'll get full marks that way, or at least 10.
Keep it short. Give a statement, give the quote linked to that statement, and explain why the quote would make the religious person believe/do the statement.

For example, here's one paragraph:
Some Hindus may be against animal testing. This is because within sacred scripture, it states that "Ahimsa is the highest dharma". A Hindu must fulfil their Dharma (duty) in order to reach their ultimate religious goal, Moksha. To fulfil a Hindu's Dharma in the best way possible according to this teaching, they will cause no violence (Ahimsa) and therefore would be against animal testing.

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