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Hi, Im currently studying an access course and struggling to figure out what primary research to do. The course unit has nothing in relation to research methods or anything like that. Which has left me a bit lost.

This is the brief
"You are required to write a research report which is based on the key issues relating to the sociology of education.

You will need to carry out primary research which allows you to construct analytical arguments in the areas outlined below. You will therefore need to consider how you will gather and analyse your primary research.

Your report must include an evaluation of the following:
• An aspect of education’s socialising role.
• At least two different perspectives and their ideas regarding the role of education in contemporary society.

You will need to discuss the concept of meritocracy within your report, and critically assess whether the British educational system operates in a meritocratic way.

Finally, you need to critically assess labelling theories. "

My first thought was to base the report on whether the British education system is meritocratic but I have no idea what to do for primary research. Do I just pull some statistics off the national databases and make some graphs ?

Thank you!

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