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Return to education preparation

I am 20 years old and will be starting university September 2024 (will be 21) to study Sociology and Politics. I achieved A*AB in A-Level Business, Sociology and Economics. I am looking to spend the next 6 months preparing to return to education alongside working my full time job. I for sure want to look into referencing and academic writing but how else can I prepare for starting this course and giving m myself the best chance of success and not feel too overwhelmed, especially as I have been out of education for a little while. I am very nervous to make this jump.
Thanks in advance!
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You did well in your A Levels, so no obvious issues there. I wouldn't worry too much about preparing for going back, as in 1st year there is a lot of this kind of support.You could look at YouTube where there are lots of vlogs made by university students, you should be able to find some made by people in their 1st years in the subject area you will be undertaking.
The Uni will provide training for study skills and academic writing and referencing. Don't panic. It is very different to A levels but it just takes some time to make the little jump. You'll do fine if you A turn up and B actually do the work.

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