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A-level history worth it?

I'm considering studying A-level history because it seems genuinely fun to revise for and I'm very interested in history, specifically global history and colonialism. However, the history course at the school I want to go to is very eurocentric: war of the roses and tsardom/communism in russia. the tsardom/communism in Russia is fine even though I'd prefer to study something else, but I can endure it. but war of the roses just seems so dull and irrelevant to me and it's kinda pushing it when there's already nothing in this course i'm passionate about, and I'd ideally be studying the british empire or something. all the schools I've applied to have some boring aspect involving the Tudors/war of the roses. Also, the school I want to go to is doing reasons for german reunification as the independent research project, and not even having choice on what i would prefer to research is not something I'm hyped about. the question is, are there any interesting aspects in these topics, and should i compromise and endure it for the potential opportunities at uni? is it worth it? would i be able to convince them to allow me to choose my own topic for the independent research project?
If you like it, go for it! it'll be worth it.

Unless you want to do a course at uni that requires/strongly recommends all STEM subjects like many Physical Science courses.
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Doing my history alevel rn and currently want to die. Stay away

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