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are there any good CCEA SSD resources?

hey, i'm currently studying software systems development (SSD) for A2. from looking at past papers, and also from what my teacher has said, i have found that the A2 exam is a lot more theory based than the AS one was. this is fine, but we have not been given any booklets and all we have really got is a few powerpoints for each topic. it is easy to find resources for general topics such as the different methodologies, but i am finding it hard to find CCEA-specific resources for topics such as reasons for develooping software. i have found some sites with these topics but they are general sites rather than A2 specific sites, so i'm worried i'd be learning the wrong thing. if anyone knows any good sites to help with SSD revision please let me know :smile:
All the A levels have core topics which they all cover, so you will need to be armed with a syllabus so you know you are not going off track. Is this A level Software System Development or A level Digital Technology? When requesting help, it helps if you put the specification syllabus code. If you have not got a school text book it may be a good idea to purchase a second hand book in both A/S and A level.

Type what you are looking into the google search may comes up

Core A level Syllabus with images
Software Systems development

Your syllabus reading notes no images
A level Digital Technology

1 A/2 Software Systems development

I hope you find something useful
There used to be a resource called 028 educate but it was taken down this year. I had created my own study notes from it before it got taken down, typed it up like a textbook and it’s now available on Stuvia here . This is all you need for the AS EXAM as of 2023.

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