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Best Laptop For Mechanical Engineering?

I'm starting Uni this year If all things go to plan so I've started looking at laptops. I have some knowledge around computers and laptops but Is there anything that would be useful to know, or anything that this laptop should have to make my life easier. I'm looking at studying Mechanical engineering and have a budget of about 1k. Thanks
Gaming laptops are quite good for engineering in general, because they have a lot of processing power which is needed to run engineering software, especially CAD like SolidWorks. I have a Lenovo Legion which is about 2 years old.
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Depends what you want,
In general for engineering a mid level laptop will be fine and you can use university PCs for specialized software (although should you get a PC that can handle certain programs this will be more convenient).

Id note that whilst powerful laptops can handle CAD, they come at generally a significant cost and these laptops are unlikely to handle CAE programs (such as ansys fluent/hyperworks or other fea/cfd solvers), if you want a PC capable of running these you will really need to invest in a desktop.

I think the most important thing is finding a good laptop with decent processor & 8gb+ ram (and ideally ssd storage with a few hundred gb) although id still recommend to use cloud storage for most stuff & the ssd for speed & important backups.

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