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Should I do English lit a level or lit and lang combined?

I got a 5 in english lit at GCSE, which would be easier?

The English literature A level is AQA which I've done before at GCSE but the combined is Edexcel which I've never done before in English. Would it be better to do an exam board I've done before (AQA), or is Edexcel easier/harder? Also, generally, is English Lit harder than combined?
English Literature is better (there is definitely no bias from me).
I think it would be interesting to do combined as someone who took Eng lang
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as someone who is taking neither but has an a* in literature and predicted a* in language but most people i know say to do literature bc lit/lang takes some of the joy out of reading books if you’re just looking at technique - and i always find it much harder to revise language as it’s an understanding not a memory task. if you’re currently at a 5 i’d be very mindful of the fact that it will definitely get much, much harder. i know you can’t completely compare a level to gcse but i often hear that a C at gcse is an E at A level. you’ll really have to be prepared to work very hard at it and the quality of the teaching is a big factor so i’d ask current students at the sixth form you’re looking to attend. also it depends what you’re personally interested in at gcse because otherwise it’s easy to loose heart in it :smile:
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