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Do you watch regular TV or streaming services more?

regular slightly

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Sometimes I watched TV. Mostly I watched from my computer.
Mostly streaming.

And if normal tv it’s usually a recording watched later.
Mainly normal TV
I currently watch regular TV, if I am interest in TV shows any. My enthusiasm for netflix streaming got lost.
I don't think I've ever actually personally had a TV license, so almost exclusively stream stuff unless I visit my parent or something.
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Mainly normal TV

Same here, the good old telly is still better than streaming. The latter is used by myself occasionally.
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Definitely streaming services. I rarely watch anything on regular TV & when I do I usually record it & watch when I want.
I watch more regular TV, I don't really stream anything
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I watch more regular TV, I don't really stream anything

I am glad, that I am not the only one who watch films and series in the TV and still prefer it. Sometimes I think that watching TV is outdated.
Youtube, Netflix, 123Movies / Soap2day, KickA** Anime, I could go on.

Haven't watched regular TV in years.
Regular TV
Streaming services predominate. Given that I have many apps installed on my Firestick. You can do it too, by the way; simply get the necessary instructions.html. Everyone can benefit from this website, especially those who are unfamiliar with streaming gadgets and all of their functions.
Na, YouTube
Regular tv for gameshows , news, cooking shows, live sports. Streaming for everything else
Original post by Emma:-)
Regular TV

Looks like that the most people with a preference for TV were grown up in a time in which streaming did not exist. I am at least.
Streaming/online only, I haven't really used regular TV for 15-20 odd years
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Pretty much just streaming services. Only use TV for live sports events, and occasionally the odd recordings but I prefer to watch them on my laptop using SkyGo. Only time I really use the actual TV is when I'm watching a film on it with my family.
I quit the streaming service netflix. No series or films I am really interest in for almost a year and that is a waste of money. Regular TV only in the future.

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