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Aston University Finance department

I am not sure who exactly are running this department but they've been a real pain ever since the university has screwed over my application.

For some background, I am an international student who was awaiting my visa, which took quite some time (3 months approximately). The university has given me a deadline by which I was expected to attend university for registration and even though my visa literally came in the day of the deadline, Aston refused entry and revoked my CAS. Which means months of waiting turned into a waste of time. I requested a refund of the registration fee early this year and I still haven't gotten my refund. I have been in contact with finance over multiple times and they have send the funds to the wrong beneficiary twice. Now they aren't even picking up my phone or responding to emails or anything. I don't know how a university of such stature could screw someone up in so many ways.

If anyone has been in similar position with Aston or have any advice as to what I should do please do because at this point I am seriously looking into legal action.

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