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do you think i have a chance of getting into this uni??

So i submitted my ucas on 30th november, for accounting and finance.

i applied to 5 universities: aston university, university of birmingham, university college birmingham, coventry university, and birmingham city university.

i got an offer from coventry the next day, still waiting on the others.

i'm confident that i'll get offers from aston, birmingham city, and university college birmingham, because i meet all their entry requirements, however i'm not sure if i'll receive one from university of birmingham.

although i meet all the a-level entry requirements, i don't meet the gcse one. i got a 5 in maths but they require a 6.

my personal statement is quite good (it clearly shows my passion for accounting and finance) and so are my extra activities.

do you think i have a chance of getting an offer from them??? i really would like to get one because it's such a good university. ik that accounting and finance is not a particularly competitive course compared to degrees like medicine, law, pharmacy, you think one grade off the entry requirements will really matter to them, considering the rest of my application is fine??? (i am aware that they dont really read personal statements properly but i hope they give it a good look).

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