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hannah040's Laptop recommendation thread

hannah040's Laptop recommendation thread


Subject being studied
Politics and International Relations

Software that will be used
Microsoft, Google

Screen size
13.3 inches

Operating system preference

Minimum amount of RAM
Not sure

Minimum storage requirement
Not sure!

Weight limit
Don’t mind!

Used for playing games?

If yes, what games?

Touchscreen needed?
Don't mind

Are there any specific ports you need?

What devices do you have currently?
iPhone SE, tablet, Lenovo laptop

Laptops researched:
Laptop 1 -

Laptop 2 -

Laptop 3 -

Additional Comments:
Looking to replace my Lenovo laptop which is big and clunky so something smaller and lighter would be better to be able to fit in a backpack
I personally prefer laptops to have a built in RJ45 wired network socket, which this Dell Latitude 7390 has (and Dell 7300's and 7310's don't have, but you can buy a "dongle").
7390's are really nice premium business laptops.

Offer £150 for this (better if you can do a cash on collection with a check that it's fully working for this particular item due to seller being new to ebay):

If you'll be using wireless internet connections all the time, as per most users, buy this Dell Latitude 7300:
Pretty much the same price as the 7390's and it's a newer model.

Or, for a few quid more and just under your budget, get this Dell 7310, which is the newer model from the 7300

All 4 of these are great laptops at reasonable prices.

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