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Ipad for med school

so I want to buy an ipad for uni and i was wonder is 128gb is enough for med school, just for notes mainly or study material.
the ipad air 256gb and ipad pro 128gb ( both being 2022 models ) are abt the same price so im a lil confused on which one to pick. :?
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tbh if you dont soley rely on digital notetaking and stuff you dont need the 256gb one

i would go for the 256gb as its the best one
watch the ali abdaal video on ipads too
also you get the best - 256gb and 128 gb for the same price
so deffo go for the 256gb
(edited 8 months ago)
If you want the iPad for note taking and reading ebooks/websites the regular iPad is fine. You also don’t need a lot of storage space for books and podcasts. The iPad Pro is more aimed at content creators and artists.

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