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GP job in F2, no mobile or WiFi signal for 4 months, solutions?

I'm F2 and just started GP, the issue is the clinic room I've been given is the one right at the end of the building which has zero WiFi signal OR any indoor mobile data signal. I only have the trust desktop plugged in via ethernet cable.

This wouldn't bother me normally, just switch off and focus on work until lunch / home.
However I currently have family members in bad health / serious situations, so I need to be contactable at all times via internet (ie WhatsApp) in case something happens. My biggest fear is having no phone signal all day and then leaving work to terrible news happening hours before I found out.

I have this tiny portable router that works amazingly as a WiFi Extender / repeater if
I leave it in the staff room which happens to be equidistant between my clinic and the WiFi source.
The only issue is that it doesn't work unless plugged into a power source via usb, so even though its a tiny router, it attracts attention due to dangling from a wire near the wall, not to mention it's bright yellow.

Because of this, one of the practice nurses will unplug it whenever she finds it - apparently it's an infection risk as cqc don't like dangly electronics plugged in unless they have the green "sanitised" sticker. I explained why I needed it but she wouldn't budge...
This is despite being well known we have an unauthorized coffee machine that all staff hide in the cupboard if we have an infection control inspection, but is otherwise plugged in 24/7.

I can get mobile data signal if I open the window of my clinic room and practically dangle my phone out of it, but for obvious reasons that's impractical and too time consuming when all I want is to be aware of notification pop ups on lock screen.

I have a cheap plug-in wifi repeater from tplink lying around at home, I was thinking of using that instead in the corridor of the building as it's all white and no dangly wires - perhaps a bit more subtle from infection police.
However if that is also constantly unplugged, I'm not sure what else to do.

Would really appreciate advice from any tech savvy people if theres an easier way to extend WiFi or get mobile data indoors without attracting angry colleagues.
Or do I just have to suck it up and hope my family situation remains unchanged during working hours...
Speak to your clinical supervisor. Surely there must be a compromise e.g. that you assume responsibility over sanitising it daily and the nurse leaves it be. Or that you are moved to another room. Or that you can use whatsapp in your browser on desktop.
If they are completely non-cooperative then maybe a powerbank in your bag and the dongle is plugged in there but does not hang from the wall and is in your bag instead?
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Try to get one of those WiFi dongles for PC/Laptop where you can attach this little device to the laptop/pc and generates wifi hotspot. It doesn't cost much but should solve the problem coz u can just plug it into the office computer. Hope your family gets well soon.

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