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UCL or KCL for pharmacy 2023

Hi, I have gotten offers from UCL and KCL for Pharmacy and am debating between the two universities. Does anyone have any informative opinions and comparisons on the two universities? Although I will decide based on my experience at the offer holder events, I would love to hear some people's thoughts!
Not Pharmacy but biomed, so quite similar - I faced that choice several years ago and decided to go UCL and I am so happy I did! Its more diverse, offers more choices of modules, better professors in terms of their expertise and extremely amazing atmosphere and feeling of belonging. Today I am a year after graduation, and honestly when I met friends who went to King's for bioscience course they complained a lot about the campus (because it's on the other side of the river and is really not pleasant, been there once) and their professors, poor teaching and often they went to UCL parties and events because they didn't like the social scene in their uni

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