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i need advice asap!!!

i got a 6 in my feb mock, i need an 8. Has any one improved so much in this little time??? My speaking is week after next but i got an 8 last time so im not fussed about that. What are tips? Should i focus solely on learning vocab? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, i want to do this for alevel.
Specific vocabulary and complicated sentence structures so u can just memorise and sound good.
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okay i did french but these were my exact grades
i got a 6 in my mock and an 8 in the actual thing
for speaking i wrote out mini conversations like possible answers they might ask me (things that have come up in previous years) and then i just memorised these, obviously with correct grammar and trying to include as much vocab as possible

advice for speaking would be dont get nervous or just keep speaking out loud to yourself or your friends and family to prevent getting nervous
good luck and remember that speaking isnt everything the other exams are important as well!

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