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Why study International Relations? Thread

Why study International Relations?
You'll have an adaptable toolkit to navigate our rapidly changing world
You have the opportunity to make a difference
You'll gain tons of transferable skills such as flexibility, compromise, teamwork, negotiation, team management and autonomy.

Our International Relations, Politics and Security Studies course will give you a rigorous understanding of international relations and politics, and of conflict and security issues - globally and regionally across the world.

Career prospects
On graduation you'll have the professional competencies you need to launch a career in:

National and local government
Global governance institutions
Research institutes
International, national and local development agencies
Environmental advocacy and policy work
Private sector strategy and governance for sustainability

Study abroad
The course enables student exchanges and also a study year abroad; department and staff have strong international networks and university partnerships to help facilitate.

You'll also have the option of an Africa study visit in your final year.
Hi, I'm Maria. I'm studying International Relations, Politics and Security Studies. I get to study peace studies, violence, peace and conflict, regional politics. It's very diverse.

The right decision
I had offers from other universities but I'm glad that I've chosen this university because the amount of offers and opportunities that it's given me, I don't think I would have found that from elsewhere.

Peace Studies allows me to explore my own self and other issues like gender inequality. I’ve taken that to the students' union and got involved.

Tackling injustices
Making a difference for other people makes me happy. When I came to university I stayed away from student politics. Then I realised there's this emptiness in my own heart.

I always knew I had that thing of tackling injustices in me. That’s been there since I was a child.

Cycling to freedom
I thought of picking up cycling to raise money for Bradford’s Soup Kitchen and Students Minds by going on to a 400 mile ride. I cycled all the way to Hull and then took a ferry from Hull to Belgium, cycled from Belgium to France, and then from France to Holland.

Women are powerful
We’re in the 21st century now and we’re still fighting women’s inequalities. I’ve seen the struggles of my own mother, other women around me, and also the female students on our campus. I feel like I’ve got this opportunity to voice their concerns and their issues.

Women have a place in society today, women are powerful, women are independent and women can transform society. They've always been at the forefront of tackling issues that also concern them. It needs to come from everyone, everyone needs to be a part.

It’s all about leaving a legacy behind, leaving something behind for the students to work on and continue, because these issues need to be tackled long term, it’s not a short term issue.

Feeling at home
Bradford is not what you think it is. Bradford is a beautiful place where a lot of people connect together from diverse backgrounds. It’s a place where you can share your happiness, your sorrows, just come together as a community. I’m very glad that I’m actually here. Bradford’s made me feel like I’m at home.

This is where I found my voice.

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"The programme opens a wide range of career possibilities. This could be working in journalism, consultancy, international organisations such as the United Nations, or humanitarian organisations like Amnesty and the Red Cross."

Dr Colins Imoh on studying International Relations, Politics, and Security Studies.

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