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A- Level Revision

Does anyone have any good tips for revising a-level psychology (AQA exam board). I'm finding it very time consuming to go through each topic and to learn all the evaluation too. I've got a fair bit done but I'm just wondering if there are any other methods that are quicker?
flashcards help you memorize things really quick- physical or on quizlet. i would recommend making ur own tho bc other people have different ways of explaining it which could be confusing for u

try and make very small summaries that, if you were able to read, you'd be able to expand a lot on. e.g., for each topic in the textbook theres summaries of everything in the topic put into 2 pages. if you can't expand on the little detail given, thats what you need to focus on more

whiteboards and idk what its called i think its blurting. this helps you narrow down the information you need rather than focusing on what you might already know

most importantly (for me) is to say it out loud!! it ingrains it into your head this way. so maybe pretend you have to explain it to your friend or a class of people looking at your notes then try without, or just cover the information and recall what u can from the top of ur head

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