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Jane Eyre grade 9

Does anyone have any access to Jane Eyre grade 9 points or analysis or any model essays.

Don't have any notes that I can share as I did my exam some years ago, but check out this website: It has notes on characters, themes and individual chapters, and it really helped me :-)

Also look at past papers and the mark schemes for those. Should give you an idea of what you can write!
Sorry I can't be more help. Good luck! :-)
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Jane is treated as an outcast shunned away from the reads family from the mere age of 10. She then is sent to a boarding school where she is abused through the likes of those of higher figure (Mr Brocklehurst). Jane desperately tries to fit in the and becomes friends with Helen, who helps to develop Janes character by helping her restrain her anger and teaching her to accept her fate.

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