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Alevel coursework - bloody chamber

Hiya guys, ive just started choosing my alevel english coursework studies and am unsure on what themes or books to do. I have complete free reign on which texts i choose, but its turned out to be an even harder choice! I have a pretty clear choice for my first text - the bloody chamber - but am unsure on what books to pair with it or the themes.My book ideas for are the yellow wallpaper, circe, rebecca, herland or maybe a book by jane austen ( perhaps emma and comparing the way in which their love is presented??). I was thinking of maybe choosing a topic on the unconventional love stories portaryed in the bloody chamber and the role of the feminine in them (relating to feminism) Or if i should choose another book which has more interesting themes which i could explore like To a God and Known. As you can tell im very undecided! I was wondering if anyone had any good themes relating to bloody chamber or any book recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading xoxooxo
Sounds like you might be more decided than you realise - don't panic! :smile:

I think that discussing unconventional love stories is a brilliant idea, and if done well can be a very easy way of getting marks. I was discussing this not too long ago on here, but I also think Jane Eyre is another novel which has a strange romance dynamic (e.g. Rochester and Bertha), which funnily enough Angela Carter was beginning to develop a sequel to at the time of her death. If JE interests you, Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar published a brilliant exploration of literary feminism in the 19th century called The Madwoman in the Attic (1979 - same year as The Bloody Chamber!) which can offer some great points on love and feminism, which could give you some good critic quotes for your essay.

However, if this sounds like a lot of work, I genuinely think you've got a brilliant case here with Emma and The Bloody Chamber. I think you're well-prepared!
Thanks so much for replying those recommendations seem really interesting and like a good match! Ill have a reseach on which ones i prefer and have a read!! hopefully i can do it in time! Thanks so much for your kind words; im liking the look of Madwoman in tha Attic tbh, and if its in the same time perios even better!! xx
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Heyyy Im looking for example A level English coursework questions to compare the bloody camber and Jane eyre. Thinking about discussing conflict. Also if you have any tips and things I can talk about it'll be much appreciated!!!

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