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English Language Sentence Starters GCSE

When I write answers to 10 mark questions, I always just fire off 10 quick point and evidences, with some analysis, always starting off with 'When the writer says' or some 'The writer creates the impression'. My teacher says that this restricts my mark as I need flow in my answer. What are good ways to start off points, and keep the flow? Some friends have recommended phrases like 'not only this, but...' and 'The idea that X is Y is made evident by the use of ...' more plz!!!!!!!
i tend to use " this is seen through the adjective/noun' or the use of personification "quote" perhaps implies.....
or try to imbed your quotes that what my teacher says that what's makes it flow such as in the Mr. fisher text marks scheme you can see a lot of quotes being imbedded (e.g Mr Fisher is resigned to his students "lack of

imagination" and we learn that his expectations of
Tibet are low: despite "a spark in him which
deserved attention")

but i am not an expert so don't rely on my reply just trying to help

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