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struggling with GCSE spanish

First things first, taking a language was compulsory in my school, I had no choice but to take Spanish. Hi, Im sitting my mocks soon and I'am heavily falling behind spanish, I get confused by verb endings and a lack of knowledge of vocabulary to use in my sentences. English isn't my first language either and I'm stuggling to form proper sentences in spanish. What should I do before my mocks?

I use activelearn for most of my revision and try to see if your school has a gcse textbook they can give you. I find it helps to have all my vocabulary written out in a book by module so it is easier to revise from but before an exam I always make a list of all the features we have learnt that I must/should/could include for example;

Tenses - present, preterite, imperfect, perfect, pluperfect, subjective, near future, simple future, conditional, continuous
Features - interesting vocabulary (not words that look/sound the same as english), comparatives, superlatives, direct object, talk about other people, acabo de, suelo + infinitive etc.

I then make around ten short sentences thta include as many of these as possible and then try to memorise these instead of the entire vocabulary lis as you can easily adapt the sentences to different topics depending on what comes up in the test

Btw am in year 11 doing AQA spanish and am predicted an 9 in writing but 8 overall (I'm rubbish at speaking). Hope this helps xx

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