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A-level geography NEA edexcel

Don't know what to do for the NEA was thinking glaciation. Could I do an investion of the diretion of ice flow in some valley or any other ideas
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hi, i recently finished my geo nea for edexcel (and got my mark back today as it happens). if i could give some advice, it would be to:

- do your nea on a part of geography that you're interested in. mine was more human focused as i did it on place identity and deindustrialisation, so i got to use a lot of history too, which interested me. i had friends do it on public art, or on coasts if they wanted to be extra STEM. geo nea can be a drag i won't lie, so at the very least do it on something that can keep you a bit motivated.
- secondly, i'd say do it on something you can easily study, so somewhere accessible to you, where you can have help with data collection from friends or family. idk if you have any glaciated landscapes near you (i didn't do the glaciation module anyway so can't comment on any of that, i did coasts) but have a specific area you'd study.
- you also probably need something that you can use loads of different pieces of evidence for, both secondary and primary for a high mark, to show a range of data. idk how it works for physical geo neas so check with your teacher
- do some research around areas that interest you or that you're familiar with, even if you want to a physical one rather than a human one. this can help you get ideas for what you might like to study

good luck!
help us!!
Hello we are Hannah and Jacky and we're looking for some inspiration on topics we can base out NEA on. We're thinking of doing something physical but not sure and our teacher is really not helpful.
Any advice??
thanks xx

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