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Can you study for a BSc and study an A-level subject at the same time?

I'm curious about the workload.

I have a place to study science at the University of Glasgow next year, however I'm looking to apply for a place at a prestigious art school for my Masters, and the course I'm pursuing requires proof of knowledge not just in science but in various humanities disciplines (art history, art, cultural heritage, and other related fields). I had a complicated upbringing and never properly went to school, so I never had the opportunity to get my standard qualifications. For this reason I need to fill in the gaps. I have 4 years (Scottish student) so I could potentially take one A-level per year? I need a first class honours in my degree so I don't want to overload myself. I realise this sounds like a stupid idea. Any advice?

Thank you for your time.
Why not pick up some stand alone PAYG Open University modules instead? At least these would be undergraduate standard.
What is the subject you are hoping to take at Masters?

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