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Is this enough time?

I have finished my A levels mathematics, further mathematics, and physics syllabus thoroughly. I am well accustomed to studying 8 hours a day smart and efficiently. Besides that, I also get 3 hours of tuition every day since I am homeschooled. Will 3 months/90 working days be enough to prepare for STEP 2 and 3 alongside the MAT/TMUA? Can I prepare and be able to do well in these tests within 90 days since all of them are just mathematics tests?
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When's the STEP? I'm sitting STEP next month so I'm assuming you'll do it next summer, loads of time. Use the STEP Support programme online, very good. MAT/TMUA are pretty easy imo, you'll be fine. Doesn't require hard studying, just understanding of maths. The STEP Support Programme will help with that as well, start with the foundation modules and work your way through.

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