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Is cramming for exams effective

Is cramming effective for GCSES?
Original post by suzy23
Is cramming effective for GCSES?

Not really, spaced repetition is much more effective but it is too late to do effective spaced repetition.
it's only effective for a minority of people gifted with great working memory and intelligence. Most people like me don't benefit much. I'd say at GCSE level it's effective for 10% of people.
I find cramming the best revision but only when it’s done with organised revision in the weeks months before as this helps but if you’ve missed some stuff then last minute cramming helps stuff stay in your head ready for yr exam. I think that honestly long term revision and cramming are effective but I find that cramming makes me remember the content especially specific figures like dates and equations bc if I do the revision too far in advance i’ll forgot it again by the time the exam happens

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