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aqa English lit coursework a level

For my pre 1900 I chose the picture of Dorian gray but I’m unsure what to book compare it to and with what theme.
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i compared it with daphne du maurier's rebecca but my teachers chose that for me so it depends

i really liked doing rebecca, it's a really interesting story and it has a lot of similar themes, i chose to write about the presentation of manipulation/free will but that was a pain in the ass ngl

it's kind of a 1930s gothic novel, so that brings up some interesting context points & AO2 points about gothic features

daphne du maurier & oscar wilde were both queer, wilde was more open about it as du maurier struggled with it & with family life a lot more, so that also brings up some interesting context points (if you do go for rebecca, i recommend reading daphne du maurier by margaret forster for context points, it's on the internet archive and it has an index, so you can just find words related to the bits you want to write about without having to read the whole book)

if u do decide to go for rebecca i'd be happy to help out where i can with coming up with ideas and stuff =)
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