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non legal jobs you can do with a law degree

I'm currently a year into a law degree I'm not enjoying at all, I've realised I find the subject boring, I'm not particularly good at it (everyone else seems to have more of a natural aptitude/talent for law) and it's not something I could see myself doing for the rest of my life.

The degree I will have will probably be a mid range 2:1 in Law with French law from Oxford. What non-law related jobs would I be able to get with that degree? Will I be able to get any decent paying job?

I'm into languages and I wish I had a chosen a modern languages degree and I'm not very assertive/aggressive and don't do well in debates so I wouldn't go into any type of political career which seems to be the main alternative for people with law degrees. What jobs would I be able to get with this degree?
I would look into Finance and accounting roles. Many roles do not have a requirement of having a Finance or Accounting degree

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