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admission entry test, verbal, non verbal reasoning, yellis test

Hi, i just arrived in UK, i need to know what is verbal , non verbal reasoning and yellis test+any advice for admission tests?
The Yellis Test is an assessment made by Cambridge (a very highly acclaimed university here in the UK - one of the best) for students in secondary school (14-16) it consists of non-verbal and verbal reasoning problems made to differentiate students who are of super high capability and quote unquote 'unlock their potential.' It is often digital and in effect non-verbal and verbal reasoning tests are IQ tests.

- A verbal reasoning test would look something like this: crumble - which word it most similar *list of words to choose from*

- A non-verbal reasoning test would consist of shapes and patterns for identification. So like a triangle rotating, which comes next in the sequence *list of options*.

They are super boring from my experience but they test your ability to make associations and identify patterns.

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