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how to improve my gcse aqa english

i’m in year 10 and we’ve just done our end of years. In all of my other subjects I received 8s or 9s but in english language I got a 6 and literature a 7- grade. Please can you give me advice on how to improve my english grades as i find it really hard to get higher marks. It’s really annoying especially for language bc I read a lot of fiction - like a book or more every week - but my creative writing is really bad and I can never think of anything to write. I would really appreciate any advice as I want to get my grades up before my mocks next year as this is the only subject that i just don’t understand at all and am consistently getting low marks. I just had parents evening last night and my english teacher was just saying negative things about my grades but I just don’t know what to do to improves my grades. please help ty
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For lang
Just keep practicing past paper questions
Read books per usual but see what u like about the way they describe things copy their vocab
Expand on vocab
Use more methods
Please ask ur teacher what you were weak for both tests to see where u need to improve.
There are more so do ask if u need it
Explode quotes analyse till there's litch nothing left
Quality over quantity
Watch youtubers e.g Mr bruff helped me alot
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Ask for the weakness so I can give better advice although I got a 5 for both my issue was just analysing in more depth, I had ideas but didn't expand enough
- yr10

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