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Integration is a chaotic concept. Critically discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the idea of integration. (context of refugees/migrants/asylum seekers)
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Hey i can help..
thank you, what points would you suggest
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Hey i can help..
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thank you, what points would you suggest

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Social cohesiveness: By encouraging a sense of togetherness and belonging among many communities, integration fosters social cohesiveness. Integration of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers into the host culture can lessen social differences and foster constructive cross-cultural exchanges.

Economic Contributions: As refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers integrate into society and become contributing members of society, there may be economic advantages. The integration enables people to contribute to the economy of the host country and lessen reliance on social support systems by presenting chances for education, employment, and entrepreneurship.

Empowerment and Resilience: Integration initiatives that prioritize giving language instruction, education, and skill development can empower refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers, helping them to reassemble their lives and turn into independent adults. They may be more resilient as a result, which will benefit their long-term wellbeing.


hurdles and Challenges: Language hurdles, cultural disparities, and discrimination are just a few of the obstacles that integration attempts must overcome. The successful integration of refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers may be hampered by limited access to resources, housing, healthcare, and education, which can result in social exclusion and marginalization.

Pressure to Assimilate: Integration should place a high priority on protecting peoples' cultural identities while promoting their integration into the host society. Assimilation pressure, on the other hand, poses a danger because it calls on migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers to completely renounce their cultural customs and assimilate into the dominant culture. Loss of cultural diversity and potential psychological anguish can result from this.

Unfair Integration Opportunities: Depending on variables including socioeconomic class, degree of education, and legal status, integration experiences might differ dramatically. Undocumented immigrants and people with low educational backgrounds are two groups that may have more severe integration hurdles, which exacerbate social inequality and prevent successful integration.

Resistance from the host community can be a major obstacle to integration attempts. The host community may also be resistant or prejudiced. Fear, xenophobia, and negative preconceptions can obstruct acceptance and inclusion, causing social tensions and impeding integration procedures.

Autonomy and Integration in Balance: The idea of integration should respect people's agency. In order to protect the rights and dignity of refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers, it is crucial to find a balance between encouraging integration and enabling them to preserve their unique cultural identities and practices.
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you have to write essays in maths?
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you have to write essays in maths?

It's about integration, so yeah. OP has to distinguish between definite and indefinite integration, and their effects on society.
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you have to write essays in maths?

I did at uni. (topology).

I'd hoped I'd gotten away from all that, as I couldn't write an essay for toffee.

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