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geography natural hazards

can someone give me a link for geography natural hazards exam questions thankss
4 mark questions

Explain how the risks of a tectonic hazard can be reduced. (4 marks)

Explain how the increasing use of fossil fuels and changes in agriculture may have contributed to global changes in temperature. (4 marks)

Explain the formation of a tropical storm. (4 marks)

Explain how alternative energy production and planting trees may help to reduce the rate of climate change. (4 marks)

6 mark questions

Suggest why some tropical storms have severe primary and secondary effects. Use Figure 3* and your own understanding. (6 marks)

Explain how living in areas that are at risk from a tectonic hazard(s) may have both advantages and disadvantages. (6 marks)

Suggest how extreme weather in the UK can have economic and social impacts. Use Figure 2* and your own understanding (6 marks)

9 mark question
‘Managing climate change involves both reducing causes (mitigation) and responding to change (adaptation).’
Do you agree? Explain your answer. Use Figure 6* and your own understanding (9 marks)

Choose either an earthquake or a volcanic eruption. Assess the extent to which primary effects are more significant than secondary effects.
Use an example that you have studied. (9 marks)

To what extent is climate change the result of human actions?
Use Figure 4* and your own understanding. (9 marks)

To what extent are immediate responses more important that long term responses when
dealing with tectonic hazards? (9 marks)

Images for the figures are attached.
Good luck!

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