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GCSE maths urgent helppp!!!

Hi, I’m doing Edexcel Higher Gcse maths, if there’s a 6 markers or 5 marker that doesn’t say “show your working”, if I wrote the correct answer but say my working out didn’t lead to that and say it was a guess, would I get all 5-6 marks?
If you wrote the correct answer and nothing else it’s highly unlikely. The questions are marked with indicators like ‘M1’ and ‘B1’ which are strictly for workings out/method. If you got the answer you would get the A1 mark but likely none of the others. The reason for this is so people can still pick up marks even if they don’t get the correct answer. But even with the right answer and working out, if your method is not complete/doesn’t align with the mark scheme you might not get full marks. You may get away with no working on 2/3 markers but not the larger ones. Main message is to show some working on every question!!
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Yep, agree with the above. Worth noting, however, that A1 marks (accuracy) are for actually getting the right answer numerically and often subsume the M1 mark(s). B1 marks are independent and have to be scored by writing whatever that marking point says.

All in all, just write your working!
Doesn't take much time and reduces the chance of a silly mistake. Also stops you losing all the marks if you make an unwritten silly mistake!

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