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How to prepare for fast stream civil service

Hi everyone. I am a maths graduate and want to get on civil service fast stream scheme. Please can you tell me whats the process. I know the test opens in december. How do I prepare for it please. Whats the best sector to choose and put my preference. I just want to use the rest of time to prepare but dont know where to start. Any help or advice will be great. thankyou.
In terms of prep I would apply for civil service jobs to get practice at the online tests. Also applying for the HMRC one which opens in October would be good prep.
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hi thankyou. is there any online syllabus for the tests. Please do you have any advice on the preference of the sectors
I would read through the thread on here for fast stream 2023. It will give you an idea of how people have found the process for different streams. I am unaware of a syllabus if there is one, that's why I would recommend completing some applications for other civil service jobs. The online assessments are pretty similar for a lot of civil service jobs. The assessment centre is similar for the HMRC one.

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