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Really confused what to do about my age and school.

I've asked my school and the local council to repeat a year.
I need ADV Highers for Uni. Or if I'm going to the states it appears that I need school transcripts.

(I've got a bad name within my school for speaking badly about the headmistress and their management system. She's really unpopular with the teachers and pupils. Sometimes she tells lies to cover for herself.)

Never mind that. I never sat exams for s4. They wouldn't allow me. I did sit nat 4 and 3. Mostly nat 3. This was unfair and it didn't speak for my ability or work ethic. My Math teacher was horrified that I only sat nat 3. (I greatly excelled in maths, and I was the only one to submit homework out of a class of 30)

This is my problem, should I repeat a year. Or should I give up. I was born in August of 2006, I'm in S6 now as of 2023/2024. I will be leaving school in June? I think.

I'd be 17 and 9 or 10 months (depending on the date). Somehow there are people 1 year older than me in my year group. I have pans to move schools because I wish not to represent a school who dose not have my best interests at heart. Also, there are people in my year group who I cannot be arsed to spend another year at school with.

If I were to repeat a year, I'd be 18 and 9 or 8 months (depending on the date)

Is that too old? I've tried college, it wasn't for me per say.

I've got more issues than that. I sat 3 Nat 5's this year. They want me to do 4/3 highers. I don't think this is fair. The average is 5 highers and 7 nat 5's.
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No way is it too old i didn't go to sixth form when i was meant to so i essentially took a gap year.

I was 17 when i started sixth form and i'm in my second year now my exams finish at the end of this month and I'll be 19 in august.

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