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what grade would this be in gsce term of english language

The journey of life can be overwhelming with unexpected pleasant surprises or revolting set backs.We all experience these events in a lifetime.

“Call me Hamza?”.You don’t know me but soon will.

Outsider.The name I was given the day I was born. I lived a tranquil and undisturbed life-(me and mum).That's how I wanted it to be ; Born as a solitude creature to the world.Distressing,unwanted,ruthless this was what life offered to me-an outsider.Deprived status of having single mother.I was called no father. Mocked for being fatherless was anxious and dejected through society.But mother always supported me when I was always at my downeast.Shining hope of how wonderful the town was.

The important fragment in my life.

A rarity that no one could have.Mum was (hardworking and amiable) totally known for the godmother of compassion.Respected elderly.A glamorous glittering light that was praised by luton folks for her selfless affection.A wonderful mother indeed.The one who carried me out from the darkest moments of my life.An admirable figure desired as if god had sended his blessing to fix the compounding suffering which have suffocated my desolate life.Not having a father was congenial as a mother was all I needed.

But I did think about him a lot !

Gushes of words enveloped my mind as the repeated nostalgic memories came back once more.A stunningly mesmerising day.The imposing clock tower reflected the myriad of mirrored retail establishments.Time once a relentless sprinter now drags it feet as if burden by the weight of eternity.

The suns dripped warmth like hot wax,both soothing and scorching the spreading field below.The blanket of eternal darkness never to be seen anymore as if god had cast his blessing to protect this holy land.The horizon ripples like a bronze shield beaten by a grammar,as though some greek god had been reborn to hurl the shaft of glorious light on the grateful crops.The wind never gazed ut’s artistic trickery but awakened its breeze throughout the land.Birds chirping harmoniously created a melody that spreaded like a piano session.The weather so bright that any ominous darkness was penetrated like a glass being shattered.A spectacular day.

Luton glowed with light so strong it dazzled.

It was the ultimate day of the year. the most yearned and craved.The most anticipated.The one we counted down to.A day where everything mattered and impacted the society in luton.


The day that the poor became the richest and the rich became the most humble. The day where frantic tourist and jovial party goers came down to commemorate the special day.The mesmerising food store aligned adjacent to each other.New interest desperate to see the glorious enrichment luton stored.Dullness and boredom was prevalent most of the years;this day was more than enough to cover up for it.

Streams of sly snakes waiting in line to taste the finest cuisine and delicacy luton had offered.Rivalry between cultures and religion when facing the historic games that luton portrayed.It was complete utopia! .An equestrian.

Mindlesslywandering through the exotic cramped building.Distorted faint pictures of amicable and serene family portrayed like a statue that can be seen by everyone.

“Questioning what my circumstances would have been with a family?”

Breathless,exasperated, troubled.I hurried away not wanting to see the imposing and dreadful picture of pain and agony that illuminated my heart.

Then the unexpected…
A hand offered me help.
I gestured a thank you! But was stopped in my tracks

I gulped nervously tracing any air left.Befuddled and breathless in my daunting thoughts.Agitated and shock pierced down through my body like god giving me a new destination.

The eyes.
The mouth.
The gait.

Hello son! Exclaimed a voice so strange yet so familiar.
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wouldn't this be hard to adapt into the exam question?
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Needs a lot of work. There are errors in grammar and phrasing, and in some cases you are using completely the wrong word.

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