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Unless someone wants to become a doctor, why bother with all the gcses?

Maths and English is all we need.

This is a serious question. Literally any other career/degree excluding medicine, only requires a GCSE in maths and english....

You don't even need ANY qualifications for OPEN UNIVERSITY if you so wish to go back and study as a mature student after school etc...

Even if you don't go uni, most Jobs only require maths and english (even teaching, plus a degree) but again, even to teach, you only need maths and english gcse, (plus your degree)

So, i would genuinly like to know, what's the actual point in all the GCSE's, especially if you don't want to go to medical school?
Nothing tbh, that's why even top unis like UCL only ask for a minimum of 6 in maths and English. I'm pretty sure the other GCSEs are taught to allow students to discover what they may have a passion for, and just for the sake of general knowledge/skills. It's also required as another filter for any sort of competitive degree. If you're going into a job that isn't competitive you could afford to just pass your GCSEs with minimum effort.
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most gcses are the basis of each job. Of course, someone interested in science isnt going to need a geography gcse, but ur 15/16, you most likely don't know what u like, its a easy way to ease urself in to to the areas u enjoy, and with average revision, you should not be struggling with gcses realisticly
Many competitive universities take into account GCSE performance, especially for competitive subjects.

For example, the University of Bristol devote 20% of their consideration to GCSE grades for law applicants (the other 40% being A-level predicts, and the other 40% being the admissions test).

But this is a minority of universities, that require a greater scope of academic performance to make a decision.
At any level, if you’re comparing two candidates, the one who shows they are most capable will be favoured.
At GCSE level, generally it’s the students who are less capable who study less subjects in an attempt to achieve higher grades in those subjects.
If you know you’re capable of achieving straight A’s/A*s in 10 subjects then why not? You’ll be more educated, more well-rounded, and likely less bored at school.

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