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What did you all write for Q1,2,3,4
1 is the 4 statemetns which i cant remember.
2 was the apperance of the hyena????? i think. i said it was unpleasent and almost distorted (when it mentioned how it was like "parts" had been put together so i said its almost unnatrual yk what i mean?), unpleasent i talked about the list and the similie to the skin disease and other things
3 - bruh i guessed. i sed the writer interests us in the relationship between the hyena and pi becuase the writer focuses our attention on the dangerous nature of the hyena and pi's fears. for the middle i said he diverts it to the apperance to build tension. cannot remember the rest.
4 - i agreed witb the statement. for the funny part i talked about its comical behaviour of it running in circles (like a cat chasing its own tail), i then talked ab how it sat in its own vomit too, i also talked about soemthign else which i cannot remember. for the threat bit, i agreed and said how it barely has control over itself ("abruptly it vomited", its jaw was "hanging") and how the eyes werer "blank" like its clueless lol.
i then gave the alternative interpretation of how it actually might be a threat, i said the eyes are "black" and talked about the connotations of black, then how it made the boat shake, i talked about its legs "beating" on the boat and said how its quite a violent adverb.

dont know if i have flopped (i probably have) or done amazingly hahaha. how did you think it was? what did you put?
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