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What is a level economics like??

I haven’t done my GCSEs yet but i am consider doing a level economics, I read the requirements its something along the lines of a 6 in maths and a 6 in english (lit or lang, either) . I don’t find math too hard (predicted 8/9), but I struggle in english, however I have a predicted 7 so it should be fine I don’t like english, but i don’t like it because of the extract analysis and the “feeling” you have to put in creative writing, is this at all similar to economics? In my head it’s like geography where there is no creative writing aspect and just facts… as you can tell I really don’t know what economics is like haha. I’m assuming there is lots of graphs and statistics? And does it involve a lot of memorising like biology a level? Thank you!!
So I did econ A level and am definitely not an english person. I found it super interesting content wise, but I'm not a big essay person so I did find that aspect a bit more challenging. I'd say it's actually a fairly logical subject, so whilst you have essays they do follow specific chains of reasoning. Its got a fair bit of content but I guess that's normal for a humanity type subject. I may just be saying that as my other subjects are maths and physics based so not got as much content and more application.
Whilst there is this content, it doesn't feel like loads to remember as it all ties together so becomes more natural. There are lots of diagrams to draw, which can take some time to get your head around but once you've got them they're really not too bad. In terms of statistics, the most you have to handle is doing calculations like percentage changes or just memorising a few things for your exams.
I think its a great subject as it does help for real world stuff. It does have some overlap with human geography (I'd say mostly on the macro side). Like for the board I do there's globalisation, poverty and inequality, standards of living and topics like that. But then there's lots about firms and how they make profit, how to best utilise resources and become more efficient, how the government can react to changes in the economy. To get a good idea I'd recommend just looking at the specification for the board you'd be taking and looking at the topics to see if you think they sound interesting?
I hope this helped but lmk if you have more questions about it :smile:

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