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Your headteacher has decided that there should not be an end of year celebration such as a school prom or party. The headteacher believes it would just be an excuse for students to show off in an expensive way. Write a letter to your headteacher giving your opinion on this.

The School Stoneleigh
Thornbury Bristol
BS35 4LI SG23 5TY

10th June 2023
Dear Head teacher,
I am writing to you today on behalf of all of the year 11 students to discuss why we believe that your decision of cancelling prom is a bad idea and needs to be reconsidered. Throughout the school's history there has not been one year 11 group that has missed prom and therefore it is a tradition and one that can't be ignored this year! As a group of young students we have worked exceptionally hard and this year has been no exception. Having a prom or celebration will allow us to feel that our work has been appreciated. Do you agree?

Firstly, one reason that we should have prom is that we have just completed our exams which for all of us were tiring, stressful and difficult. The celebration will allow us to celebrate all our hard work and will be a time where we can have fun and relax after being in a strict revision routine. One group of boys said that prom was an incentive to work hard and knuckle down in the final year. On average 40% of year 11’s felt like their motivation to do revision dropped significantly as they didn't have anything to look forward to.

During the exam season, students spend less time going out with their friends and more time alone doing revision. This had to do with a decrease in the level of happiness across the whole year group. Prom will be a welcoming and warm event where all students can come together and chat and have fun together. Next year students will be moving on to different education such as sixth form, college or an apprenticeship which means that prom may be the last formal time that people see their friends. It will be a time when memories can be made which can be treasured forever. As well as this an end of year event will allow students to say their final goodbyes to friends and thank the teachers for all their help and support over the years. Do you really want our students to miss out on this?

Prom will be the day of our lives and we won't let you take this valuable event from us! We may dress up and have our hair and nails done but we’re not showing off; we're expressing ourselves. Olivia from our year said “I always enjoy seeing everyone dressed up.”
If cost is your concern then we could announce a budget that everyone is allowed to spend to ensure that everyone is treated equally and doesn't feel embarrassed to have a less expensive suit or dress. Furthermore,in order to pay for a venue, our year could organise a fundraiser such as a cake sale or a raffle to raise money. Our entire year agreed that this was a good idea and everyone is on board to help.

Hopefully this letter has given you some more time to think about your decision to cancel prom. As a year group we would be very grateful for this event and will do anything in order to help out.

Regards Emily (a former Year 11 student)

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