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How do you revise English Language

I'm pretty well off for English Lang (IGCSE Edexcel Non-Fiction Texts & Transactional Writing) but I don't want to be unprepared and the exam is next week, I have pretty much no idea what to do for revision...
same :frown: i'm doing gcses right now
hi! i'm doing eng lang igcse ocr so i don't know if this would help but i'm just revising the structure of the exam so i know what questions to expect and how to answer them, and also doing a lotta past papers/practice questions in timed conditions so you can get the timings right. it's also worth looking over past essay feedback and also things you need to know like picking out VARP in different texts, practising annotating and also reading different speeches/articles/letters to emulate the tone of them! hope this helps, lmk if you have any questions :smile:

edit: if you're not sure how to revise, it's useful to ask your subject teacher perhaps as well?
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