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How do i calculate the impedance of an electrical circuit when i have a resistor, inductor and capacitor.

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It depends on the configuration of the circuit, that is are the components in series, parallel, quantity etc.

The general impedance formula for a resistor and inductor or capacitor in series is
R2+X2=Z\sqrt{R^{2}+X^{2}} = Z,
where Z is the impedance, X is the reactance of capacitor/inductor, and R is the value of the resistor.
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To calculate the impedance, you need to know all kinds of reactance for the RLC circuits, the one for the resistor, capacitor and inductor. It is:

Z is the impedance, R the reactance of the resistor and X the difference of the reactance for both inductor and cpacitor, so X = XL - XC. This sketch may help you to understand the mathematical background:

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