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Is this enough to break up

So me and bf have been together 1.5 years. We see eachother every week. He’s 10 years older than me so I understand we may have different views.

Recently he works a lot and then on the weekend when I’m with him he does some Amazon flex shifts. He get sweaty and tired whatever when he comes back he’ll just go to his living room and stay there on his phone while I’m in his bedroom.

He recently started going to the living room to chill because he asked me to heavily decorated which I did was really stressful too.

I feel like it’s so rude that I’m at his house and he’d rather be in another room than chill with me when I’m only there a couple days. I also asked him to do something s e x u a l and he refused and said he’s going to speak to his neighbour over some diy stuff and he did for 2 hours then came back and went to the living room.

I feel like he’s way too comfortable with me that he neglects me in his own house and I feel like if he’s this comfortable now imagine if I was his wife or lived with him I’d hate it! I like a man to want to to around me a lot. I just feel like also he couldn’t even satisfy me when he could give me his time.

Anyways I’m just getting so bored of it now and him.
Also when I bring up anything to him he would say I’m complaining or nagging to me. And he says I never peri take anything he does for me and nothing he does is good enough for me. He will huff and puff at me when I bring something up to him.

I’m bored of it. And I can’t even bring it up to him because he thinks I nag.
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Communication is essential.
If you have got bored with the relationship, are fed up of him working very long hours at multiple jobs, are very annoyed that he is turning you down about sex preferring to talk to neighbours about diy or spend time alone in the living room- it is time for you to move on.
Plenty of more compatible and attractive guys in the dating sea who will be keen to have sex with you.
Reply 3 encouraged him to do Amazon Flex shifts, so why are you complaining about that?

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