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How to stop feeling unworthy?

I’ve battled with low-self esteem ever since I can remember and I constantly question whether I deserve things, like clothes, makeup, even essentials like nice foods. Say I buy something in a shop, like an ornament I really like, and then I’ll ask myself something like ‘Would the person who made this be unhappy if they saw I got it?’

Recently I’ve decided I want to get more into fashion and I want to dress differently and be more gothic/eccentric. However I just can’t bring myself to do it because I think I’m too ugly to suit the styles of makeup or none of it will look good on me etc and I don’t deserve any of it. I hate feeling like this and being held back from what I want to be but I just can’t do it.

Does anyone have any advice on how to stop beating myself up all the time and stop questioning my worth? It’s a horrible way to live and I don’t want to be refrained from being my true self forever over something stupid like this, because you only live once and I don’t want to look back and regret it.
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Getting used to blocking these negative thoughts is hard, but it's never impossible. Something that helped me greatly was taking buzzfeee quizzes (weird, i know), but seeing that I had positive qualities to describe me when I was feeling down made me feel happy and like i belonged.

Though, as a routine thing, have a hobbie. When u have freetime it's easy to get lost in your head, so read, paint, go boxing. Whatever you like to fill the time, bonus points if it has to do with excersize.

Try to surround yourself with positive people and cut off the megstive ones, and if that's not possible always remind yourself to never take it to heart. Listen to positive music, because music influences our world perspective, so in this case music that promotes self love and body positivity. Even if sad songs can be comforting, it's never good if you listen to them too much.

Lastly, compliment yourself. Everytime you feel like you look ugly or that nothing matches with your features, say the opposite of what you feel. For example, turn "I look fat in this," into "I'm beautiful but I could do better in terms of clothes". This will slowly help change your mindset.

I hope this helps.
wear the gothic or eccentric clothes :smile:
your future self would be glad you gave them a try
if you don't like the clothes, you can change your fashion choices
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Hey, be kind to yourself, you have value, what do you like doing? What makes you happy? As someone said, block out those negative thoughts

You have some nice things going for you, I'm sure such as a free education, health care

Work on yourself and your life

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