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Starting Y12 as a girl in a primarily boys 6th form?

Hi, I've seen variations of what I'm asking but I didn't get enough info from it. I fell in love w the academic support from an all boys school, but I've grown up in an all girls and don't know any guys (I don't have many friends of any gender tbh, I stick to 2-3). My biggest concern is how to socially adjust. I'm not looking for finding a bf, which I know is the reason some stupid classmates in my school want to move 6th forms for. Also there is inevitably drama that gets shared to me of this school, such as some boys ranking girls and objectifying them or sexually harassing them.

I just want to be able to make a friend or two and focus on my a levels and my future career. So I can better understand what this environment may be like, I'd appreciate if people could share their experiences regardless of their gender.

Did you ever feel like you weren't safe? Were you able to adjust quickly? Do you think I could be potentially harassed if I go there? I just want to focus on my a-levels... sorry if it sounds like I'm overthinking, but none of my friends are even considering going there.
I wouldn't go there...
Let me explain:
- I would feel uncomfortable my entire time there as I would be scared of harassment and so won't be able to enjoy the lesson
- I wouldn't be able to concentrate on my studies as I would have no friends or support and so would also have to dedicate time to find a support circle/ friends
I used to be in a subject that was boys-heavy, I was the only girl there and it was miserable, once I transferred to a diff subject, I was happier and got better grades (even though I joined halfway through the term and didn't like the subject). Just a thought, hope it helped:smile:
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Thanks for ur reply, I think I'll talk to my parents abt this because I am really conflicted. I completely understand what you went through and how that could happen to me, but at the same time the courses that this school gives are amazing. There's also the fact that art a level classes there are no bigger than 6 people usually and current female 6th formers there said that their art class helped them adjust really quickly.
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